Hi, I'm Ally, proud mother of two beautiful girls and founder of iCreating. In 2015, as I held my firstborn in my arms, a whirlwind of emotions engulfed me. A tidal wave of love and happiness crashed around me, yet I found myself grappling with the age-old dilemma faced by countless mothers: "My daughter or my job?" I knew I needed to find a solution that balanced my maternal instincts with my professional ambitions.

One fateful evening, my spouse offered a life-changing suggestion: "Why not start your own business?" Bolstered by his unwavering support, iCreating was born that same year, sharing a birthday with my firstborn, just like another child of mine. From that day, We run iCreating like raising our children, with love and patience. What began as a small LED lighting company, fueled by a mother's passion and tenacity, soon flourished into a thriving enterprise.

As iCreating expanded, so too did the love and support from our clients. Now, our company is more than a business—it's a family of eight dedicated individuals, each with their own unique story. Together, we've built a successful venture that embodies my love for work and devotion to my daughters and family.

Though the journey hasn't been without its challenges, each hurdle has only reinforced our resolve. My girls remain my constant beacon of inspiration, lighting the way forward. Through it all, I've discovered that it's possible to achieve success while cherishing time with my family. This is also a inspire to others who want to achieve success but also stay with family, even though it's hard, but we should have the courage to try.

Together with iCreating, we will illuminate a brighter future—one LED light at a time.


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